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It Ain't Easy

Starting a new business isn't easy, even if you are starting an established franchise. There is no cookie-cutter way to start, but researching, planning, prioritizing ideas and being ready to invest in your own business first, beyond the financial investment, is essential.

If you don’t know where to start your research, ask someone who is already in the industry that you are thinking about entering. You would be surprised to learn how many people are afraid to just ASK questions. Simply, “how do you know so and so?” “What industry are you in?” I actually made a business connection with a celebrity by asking someone "How did you find out about this event"? I didn't know the person I asked was the celebrity's best friend.

Most new companies start with a passionate mission to help others - with or without support. When I started Gibson Consulting in 1999, it was a side and in-between hustle. My target client was the brand new nonprofit organization, which meant I had to be prepared not to earn any money right away. So how did I pay myself? With connections … connections I have to this day. Work relationships may not last long but the connections you make can last a lifetime. Establish a relationship performance for your business. Keeping in touch and following up with people you come in contact with will help build your business in ways you'd never expect.

Be prepared to take baby steps. You have scoot before you crawl, walk, run and fly. However, be:

aware, and patient. Know that cultivating relationships can take months…. even years.

generous. Do not plan to reach out to contacts or do things for them with reciprocity in mind. People will think you're self centered

open-minded. Your tastes, perspectives and success is not to be a gauge for others.

Starting a business can be very challenging. Insufficient planning and research can prevent you from moving cause most to not move their business ideas. So, remain a student of your industry, plan and strategize and keep your bigger picture in mind.

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