We are pleased to announce our new global business funding solutions program!  Gibson Consulting has partnered with like-minded business solution companies that have developed strong relationships with both lenders and investors. Their innovative solutions allow them to support innovative projects and create opportunities for small and mid-sized companies that need investment.


Gibson Consulting can not only help clients take the steps to qualify and access funding, but also take a deeper look into the most important elements of business success - LEVERAGE and SUSTAINABILITY.   We invite you to check out our funding programs and book a time to talk to us 

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit (UBL)

With an unsecured business line of credit, business owners and real estate investors can get access to $25,000 - $150,000+, in the form of Unsecured Business Lines of Credit (UBL).  The UBL of Credit are available for companies of all ages, from startups with no established revenue to well-established companies.  We can assist business owners in every industry.  The business lines require no collateral & no financial documentation, only a personal guarantor.  They are freely spendable to meet all of your company’s specific needs.

4 to 1 Funding Program

The 4 to 1 Funding Program is a systematized process designed to bring together; Project Owners,  Lenders,  and Investors under ONE roof. Too often project owners are faced with the old situation of “Which Comes First, The Chicken Or The Egg?”  Investors are always looking for projects that are profitable and at low risk. Lenders are looking to lend money to projects that are well thought out and can make their payment. Well, the 4 to 1 Funding Program allows all participating parties to develop a working relationship to ensure projects are FULLY FUNDED!

Line of Credit (LOC) Asset Pledge ($5M+)

Line of Credit (LOC) Asset Pledge is designed to allow our investor the ability to offer clients who have projects and the
appropriate banking relationships to get full funding without having the usual pre-requisite of 20% in place. Under this process, our Investor will work with the client and their bank to set up dedicated credit lines, that are underwritten by the Investor’s assets.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is an often overlooked way to get the cash you need to grow your business. Purchase Order Financing can revolutionize growing businesses by increasing the working capital needed to support and enhance sales, Increase product availability, create flexible credit terms for customers, and to better compete with larger companies.

Factoring medical insurance accounts receivables can assist healthcare providers to deliver quality care through recognized financial management solutions.  This factoring advances funds to healthcare providers that bill third-party insurance carriers, private insurance, and government insurance companies, including Medicare, and Medicaid. Get the cash flow you need for your healthcare business or practice.  click to learn more