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Funding Solutions at Gibson Consulting
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Gibson Consulting & Solutions has partnered with like-minded funding solution companies that have developed strong relationships with both lenders and investors. Their innovative solutions allow them to support innovative projects and create opportunities for small and mid-sized revenue generating companies that need investment.


Gibson Consulting can not only help its clients take the steps to qualify and access funding, but also take a deeper look into the most important elements of business success - LEVERAGE and SUSTAINABILITY.   


Due to the nature and sensitivity of some of these programs and products it is strongly suggested that you onboard as a client with us to learn about these funding programs AND stay informed about these solutions that are growing and evolving every day.

Business Discussion
 Types of Funding Solutions

Lender/ Investor Programs [min investment $1M]

Investing in promising ventures and entrepreneurial projects can be an exhilarating and rewarding journey. However, securing adequate funding to bring these ideas to life is often a significant hurdle for many investors. Fortunately, there are various funding programs available that can provide crucial financial support and open doors to opportunities. Through our business funding partnerships, Gibson Consulting & Solutions has access to alternative and very flexible funding programs designed specifically for investors, empowering them to fuel entrepreneurial dreams and achieve remarkable success

We Offer Financing for Our Services Too!

We are dedicated to achieving client satisfaction and success.  We want to ensure that our clients' growth and financial well-being are not compromised when working with us. We offer financing options that allow our clients to pay for our services over time.  We strive to make 'extra-large' upfront payments unnecessary for our clients.


Our financing bridges the affordability gap, making our products and services available to those who require them the most. During your Exploratory Call, inquire about our financing options.

DISCLAIMER: Gibson Consulting & Solutions, Llc is NOT a financial lending firm. We are a business consulting company that provides recommendations, solutions and funding positioning/access for our clients. Gibson Consulting and its partners work to make sure that your company and your project is the right “fit” for our lenders and investors.


We have a very comprehensive system in place to ensure not just your success, but our success as well. We have access to a pool of investors and lenders that find interest in projects like yours and in several industries. Just as you are looking for the most logical company to work with to secure funding, we are looking to place your project in front of the most logical lender for a successful close.

Our goal is ensure that you and your business are in a position to access and obtain funding.  Eligibility requirements, activation/application fees and commissions are set by our funding partners and are non-refundable and non-negotiable. However, we do suggest you check out our other business services that may benefit your business.  
We invite you to check out our service guide and schedule a time to talk to us.

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