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How                                     Can Transform Your Business

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As entrepreneurs and business owners, we don't have to tell you that running a successful business takes a lot of hard work. We are creators and visionaries and our businesses have so many moving parts. It's very easy to lose focus on the next steps for meeting your business goals.

Do you wish you had the time to just STOP and zero in on what's holding you back from growing your business?  What if we told you that you don't have to spend months trying to figure it out? That you can actually solve it all in ONE day. 


On VIP Solutions Day you will hire us --- experts who will focus all of our energy and unique genius on your specific needs — all in a day's work!

The aim-- to transform your mindset and your business to bring your vision and goals to life.

It may sound impossible --but it is possible. More companies have been using the VIP Day model to their advantage because it simply works.

Who Are                                       Designed For?

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If you're a business owner, nonprofit executive, entrepreneur, or simply a lover of learning and collaboration, our VIP Solutions day is for you!

A VIP Solutions Day is designed for those who aren't afraid to take on new opportunities, who are driven and productive, like to think outside of the box and who value collaboration with expert talent with unique specialties.

VIP Days are for those who are ready to experience transformation in both their minds and their business, who yearn for breakthroughs with some quick results --whether it's for finding their purpose, changing their money story, or building their business.

Solve problems with efficiency and with our experts

On your VIP Solutions Day, you are our only client. It's a day for us to give you our full, undivided attention - giving you exactly what you need help with. We'll get things done - fast with efficiency and results. No more waiting weeks or even months to figure out how to take the next steps to grow your business.

Not only that, VIP Solution Days avoid all the time wasted on monthly scheduling, planning, and multi-tasking between emails and long sessions. With our team, you gain the value of uninterrupted time and focus.

How                                     Works

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Book Your VIP Solutions Day

Book your VIP Solution Day by choosing an available date on our calendar, and paying a *50% deposit to secure your date. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email with your next steps, and it’s time to start preparing for your day.

*Financing is available for the full day service.

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Business Solutions We Cover

Manager Portrait


Idea Validation

Startup/Expansion Plan


Strategy Development

Baker Online Store


Marketing Planning

Lead Generation

Content Creation

Business Plan/ Pitch review

Candle Store Owner



Audit Prep

Credit Positioning 

Business Funding Plan



Strategic Planning


Fund Development 

Development Planning

Solutions We Cover

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You will have access to our network of expert partners throughout the day. On average and depending on the area of business we tackle, you will work with at least two partners during your FULL VIP Day. Our average consulting hour costs $200 for each consultant. With our pricing you are getting more "BANG for your BUCK."  In addition to your full or half VIP Day, you will receive up to 2 hours of post VIP Day follow-up.  You’ll have access to your client portal with our recorded webinars and other resources that may be helpful for your to grow your business. You'll also get 5 days of email support from us, in case you have any questions. Working on your business requires A LOT of energy so lunch is on us too!

VIP FULL DAY (7 hrs)

  • $299 On-boarding fee waived (if not financed)

  • Work with 2+ Consulting Partners

  • 1 hour lunch (Our treat) 

  • Access to Network and Client Portal for 14 days

  • 2 hours Post VIP Day Follow-up

  • 5 Days email support

  • Receive Bi-monthly newsletter 'Behind the Biz" and

  • Invitations to Partner events

50% Deposit Required to Book  (if not financed)


B2B Buy Now Pay Later Option Available:

Total required $1798

VIP HALF DAY (4 hours)

  • $299 On-boarding fee waived if paid in full

  • Work with 1-2 Consulting Partners

  • 1/2 hour lunch (Our treat)

  • Access to Network and Client Portal for 7 days

  • 1 hour Post VIP Day Follow-up

  • 5 Days email support

  • Receive Bi-monthly newsletter 'Behind the Biz" and

  • Invitations to Partner events

50% Deposit Required to Book

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Are You Ready to Get Started?

During this 30 minute meeting we will learn more about your business, your goals and what you'd like to tackle on your VIP Day. From there we will decide if a VIP Solutions Day is the right fit for you and your business. From there we will take the next steps to schedule your VIP Solutions Day!

Schedule an Exploratory Call

Words from (a few) Our Clients



Shak Williams

The Gibson Consulting team understands that not all of us are in the same place in our business lives; Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen-Xers; some more established, some having already started on a business, some with just an idea. At every step of the way, they would point out alternatives, known hang-ups, etc. and say, “we can help you with that, too.” So, there was never a place where there wasn’t hope.


Sean Scott

There were certain business fundamentals my company lacked. I couldn’t fix my business by myself and I knew it. I felt that hiring a consulting firm was unaffordable and something only bigger, fortune 500 companies businesses do. I took a chance and called. It was the best business move I ever made. We discussed planning and developed both long and short term goals. Within a very short time the Gibson Consulting team had developed a real world, workable plan and timetable for me to get on the right path!

Sharon Mullen.jpg

Sharon Mullen

The Chocolate Writer

This entire process was new to me. The Gibson Consulting team truly understands business. They proactively recommend and implement improvement in areas that add value. Their professionalism and guidance was, and continues to be, well worth the investment. I am very impressed and highly recommend Gibson Consulting.


Lizan Highland

Gibson Consulting brings expertise and experience together perfectly. They remain on a monthly retainer relationship with me. I meet with Keesha monthly for ongoing strategy sessions and have no intention of ending this relationship.

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