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Gibson Consulting Welcomes a New Consulting Partner, Claudia Lowry to the Team

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Claudia Lowry is a native of Cape Town, South Africa. She started Every Task LLC when she realized a gap in the market: small business owners were struggling to hire, and their businesses were suffering because of it. She created services that would take the burden off a business owner so that they can focus on doing the things that they love, knowing that the administrative element of their day-to- day operations is taken care of, effectively and efficiently.

Claudia's wide range of expertise originates from her knowledge and experience in the business world - she's not only an entrepreneur, she's a former franchise owner! Systems and organization is what Every Task excels in and Claudia's team of experienced administrators gets it done!

We are looking forward to expanding our B2B network through our partnership with Claudia and her team. "Our partners are entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. When our clients work 'ON' their businesses with us, they receive not only great service but resources they may not be aware of that can help them scale", says Gibson Consulting's Owner, Keesha Gibson.

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