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New Partnerships on the Rise @ Gibson Consulting!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Furthering its dedication to be a top business development solutions provider, Gibson Consulting & Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce its new strategic partnerships:

Innovative Consulting Solutions ICS provides senior-level financial management and accounting services to private and public businesses and non profit organizations. As financial thought partners, ICS helps entrepreneurs and executives work through challenges they face while managing their companies’ finances.

The Beaulieu Law Firm handles the legal and management tasks of entertainment events, to brand management for fashion brands, to legal counsel of startup sports leagues – this firm has become one of the most diverse sports and entertainment law firms in the country.

US MED CAPITAL is an industry leader in small business financing in the healthcare industry. Offering financial solutions through a variety of products and services. their goal is to be a valued resource to business owners in the healthcare business community. They are able to assist small and medium-sized healthcare businesses cultivate to their full potential with the capital they need to succeed.

​"We look forward to building lasting partnerships with ICS Consulting, the Beaulieu Law Firm and healthcare solutions partner, US MedCapital. With US MedCap, we can assist small private healthcare providers factor medical insurance account receivables for business growth and continue to deliver quality care. In the wake of the pandemic, small business owners and entrepreneurs are realizing that they need more products and services to help them be more viable. By building lasting partnerships, we can continue to help our clients see the value in their companies and the need for growth”, says Keesha Gibson, Owner of Gibson Consulting. We build strategic partnerships that focus on the growing needs of the small business community. There is a connection through our like-minded missions. Through these partnerships, both our partners and clients can pursue more business opportunities and gain access to the expertise and capital they need to grow and become more sustainable.

Learn more about the Gibson Consulting team and partners here.


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