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Get Free Money from the Government to Pay Your Bills, Start a Business … Don't Fall for this!

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

We have all received spam mail that makes us curious about the ‘Billions’ of government funds available to pay your bills, open a business, or buy a new home. Some of us have even purchased a $30 eBook or have paid $100 or more to sit in a room filled with hundreds of other like-minded folk to learn how to get this FREE MONEY. The truth is, whenever someone clicks on the “SECRET” button, third party companies are the only ones who receive this money. Is there is free money? Yes, there is some free money out there. But it comes with numerous limitations and eligibility criteria.

You may have to own a certain type of business, provide services in a particular city or state; you may have income limits and limitations on how you use the funds. The average ‘Joe” looking for these grants will not qualify to receive them. What is the Secret? The “SECRET” is this…Grant information is publicly available online from the government and other sources (like the library) for FREE. Third party companies simply compile this same information into eBooks. The information changes year to year. For example, a government agency may have had $10 million dollars available for education programs in 2015 but this year only $5 million may be available, AND only 10 proposals will be selected for funding.

But I really need a grant!

Most of the information won't apply to individuals because of the limitations and eligibility criteria mentioned above. In addition, once you read the information, you're right where you started -- on your own. The books and spam emails don't tell you what to do with the information. Don't buy these books – you will only waste your money!! The only people who will get free money are the people who sell them. I see it on TV all the time! Lots of people have received grants. "D. Brown got $100,000 to start a new business." "John S. received a grant of $50,000 to buy a house. Who are these people? Can this information be verified? Of course, not! There are no addresses, no phone numbers, and no e-mail contact information for any of the people advertised to have received money.

If it was so simple, everyone would have one! Have you had any experiences in getting “FREE MONEY”? We thank you for sharing your positive and negative experiences with us.

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