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We are Building a New Team!

We're looking to partner with experienced NGO/Social Justice grant writers.!

Gibson Consulting & Solutions is privileged to work with nonprofit organizations in need of grants, as well as the professional grant writers that are ready and able to assist them. The nonprofits that we work with have a vision. They know what they stand for, how their mission will help their community, and what they need to succeed; but they may not have time to search for grants or know how to articulate their need for a grant.

We are looking to partner with seasoned grant writers to become members of our Consulting Team. To do this you need to fully complete your profile and comply with our guidelines. This team was created to create a pleasant experience for both the grant writer and the client, through a system of deliverables. Grant writers will build their portfolios, increase income with new clients, and gain even more experience with a wider variety of grants, in many categories.

If you are ready to join us click here to apply


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