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Introducing Gibson Consulting’s Marketing Research Intern

Internships are such an important part of today's business development teams. They provide college students and graduates an opportunity to gain experience, and give them an advantage as they enter the business world. A key to providing a successful internship is to make sure the student’s valuable time, energy and education results in a win-win situation for everyone. Internships should be designed for students to learn how to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to the workplace while learning new skills in the process.

Our team has seen many companies waste the time and energy of some of the most amazing students with “fetching” tasks or monotonous jobs that filled the gaps of absent employees. This is not what an internship is supposed to be.

Gibson Consulting is so excited to introduce our new Marketing Research Intern, Moriah McDuffie!!! (Yaaay!).

Moriah McDuffie, Market Research Intern

Moriah is a full time student at Manhattanville College. She was chosen to be a part of the National Society of Leadership Success and was awarded the Creatively College Bound 4 Year Scholarship from Urban Word NYC.

Moriah studies Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and Sociology. Her focus is on social justice, community/cultural engagement and how to financially uplift the African American community.

Moriah is the current Booking Coordinator for Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, LLC, and a Club Associate at Blink Fitness. Through her community and scholastic efforts, she hopes to powerfully explore the marketing field and defend the value of Black lives throughout the world.

Her internship projects will not only allow Gibson Consulting to enhance its small business development services--she will gain college credit too. Moriah has arrived with excitement and skill, and is full of curiosity. We cannot wait to learn from the fresh new perspective she will bring to our team!

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