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Turn Your Invoices Into

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Furthering our dedication to be a top business development solution provider, Gibson Consulting & Solutions is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Now®!

With this solution, you can collect payments quickly and offer your customers longer payment terms without risky loans or factoring. Sell more, win larger contracts, and have an advantage over your competition with a NowAccount®.  You can:

  • Have more working capital to get the resources you need to deliver

  • Offer customers flexible payment terms 

  • Make payroll and pay your vendors faster 

  • Reduce time spent on collections

This solution is beneficial for small to mid-sized B2B clients that: 


  • Sell to government organizations

  • are Professional service providers (i.e., consulting, staffing, IT, media, logistics)

  • are Product supply chain companies (manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who sell to trade channels and retailers.

If you missed the webinar on January 27th - don't fret. Watch the replay below. If you have any questions after your viewing, send us an email OR schedule a time to chat with us here.

If you are ready to see if your business  qualifies for a
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Changing the Way Small Businesses Get Paid
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