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Strategy Center

Training for Your Inner Entrepreneur.



Presented by Keesha Gibson

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26th 2023 | 6:00 PM (EDT)


Keesha Gibson | Owner
Gibson Consulting & Solutions

Keesha Gibson is an organizational development expert who works with entrepreneurs and top leaders at organizations of all sizes, including grass root, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and nonprofits (including churches), to help them achieve peak performance. She works with stakeholders to identify the underlying causes of performance gaps and develops developmental solutions to improve organizational effectiveness and sustainability over time. This includes developing relationships with sponsors, business leaders, project managers, and change champions, as well as strategic planning, reorganization, fund development and capacity building to help clients transition from their current state to their desired vision. Ms. Gibson also enjoys developing "out-of-the-box" strategies and leading transformational projects that result in significant change. 

In this training we will cover:

Nonprofit organizations serve specific segments of society. You have unique employees who are committed to the cause. You also have specific funding requirements. Because there are so many factors that make your cause unique, we want to assist you in telling your story and applying for grants that meet your funding requirements. This training was designed to help those who are new to grant writing develop their proposal writing skills and empower them to write successful proposals. There are numerous grants available, and many foundations receive few applications for their grants. These funds are accessible if time is dedicated to grant writing.

You will learn about the key aspects of a grant application, you will find grants that you can apply for, and you will go through the entire proposal writing process.

Your learning will be facilitated by video presentations, worksheets, surveys, a mini-assignment and one-to-one consultations that will solidify the grant writing process and propel you towards getting funding.


This training was found to be beneficial for those who:

  • Have less than 5 years experience writing proposals/grants 

  • Are responsible for writing grants for a nonprofit organization (staff/volunteer)

**Must attend full session in order to schedule a  1- hour consult and proposal review

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