Websites help businesses grow. No matter the size of your company, a website is an essential tool. However, having a good-looking site is no longer enough - it needs to actively work for you by attracting clients and driving your business forward. We believe beautiful websites can be accessible and affordable enough for startups to afford.

SevenTwelve Studio is our premiere website development partner for start-ups and small businesses. We have a passionate approach to serving any business. Working together with our clients, dynamic websites are created that are welcoming, professional and easy to navigate.


One page web page with about services, team, contact sections.

● Responsive design

● One web page

● One revision

● Content provided by the client


TOTAL: $250


WEB DESIGN package plus add’l web pages, logo, branding needs

● Responsive design

● Seven-page website

● Seven revisions

● Assist client with content


TOTAL: $700


Basic web design with a landing page, about and contact page.

● Responsive design

● Three-page website

● Three revisions

● Content provided by the client


TOTAL: $350

Monthly Retainer Fee

This includes any updates made to your new or current website. Whether it’s a new page or menu item, updated site graphics, an addition of forms, or latest news articles, it would be covered under the retainer. These can be set up as 3, 6 or 12-month retainers, based on the frequency of updates or transition over of a new website.


Monthly Retainer Fee - $50-250