Small Business Reality Check

To find the best place to start, run and grow a small business, one must use their imagination as well as be well-informed, and tap into their personal business experience and the business relationships and resources they’ve developed over time. These combined, the small-business leader should be able to develop realistic business goals, beginning with the “business reality” that they will likely wear several hats at start-up – from making major decisions about how to market the business to mopping the bathroom floor. This requires commitment to do whatever is necessary to develop the business.

There is a lot of help available for small-businesses. Leaders must stay abreast of research and information that will aid them in making realistic business decisions. Deciding if and when to hire staff, choosing the right platform, server and website design, and gaining insight from other businesses and independent ventures can be useful in building and growing the small business. For example, GoDaddy’s CEO, Blake Irving believes, “We will either have a future where there is mass unemployment, or one of mass self-employment. I don’t see a third option”. Considering this type of speculation could possibly impact the decision to start a business venture.

Finally, while rewarding, the small business owner might need to accept that the business will always be small. Most businesses do not develop into a multi-million ventures so the intention of the development of the business must be clear. Being your own boss, doing work that adds purpose to your life, working with people you enjoy working with, developing lost-lasting business relationships, and reaching the level of financial success that is satisfactory, is a practical and fulfilling business goal.

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